Full Garden makeovers

Local knowledge for local conditions​

Our team of qualified, hard-working gardeners have an in-depth knowledge of the native flora and fauna, and know how to best harness the local conditions for a beautiful result. We understand the sandy soils of the Perth coastal plain, and know what grows well in the local climate.

Services tailored to your unique gardening needs

Whether your garden needs a complete makeover, or just a little nurturing to keep it looking happy and healthy year-round, Local Coast Landscaping is here to help. We can schedule a regular service of whatever garden maintenance you require, or we can come in and blitz overgrown, neglected gardens and transform them into beautiful features that we’re sure you’ll love.

Water Wise Gardens and Native Plants​

Saving Water

Saving water is one of the top considerations when it comes to modern garden landscaping and design.

At Local Coast Landscaping, we understand the importance of water conservation for our customers and our community. Accordingly, all of our gardens incorporate elements of water wise design. We also try to incorporate native plants into gardens wherever possible, to keep West Australian flora and fauna thriving, and keep your garden looking fantastic regardless of the weather conditions.

Our irrigation plans feature water saving aspects, complemented by garden design optimised to require as little water as possible.

Western Australian native plants are the best equipped to survive and thrive in the blazing Aussie sun, and therefore require less water than imported species. They are also the best choice for attracting indigenous bird species. We’ll help you choose from local wattles, bottlebrushes, eucalypts and so many more incredible native varieties.

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