Garden maintenance

Gardening services Perth

Your garden is a living thing that is constantly changing throughout the year. Through the annual cycle of the seasons, your plants require different care at different times of the year. Local Coast Landscaping can help tend, manage, and care for your plants throughout the various weather cycles of the year.

We understand your garden is unique, and therefore, so are your landscaping needs. Depending on your requirements, we can provide suggestions for the best fertilisers and treatments for your lawns, plants, and trees throughout the year. We will gladly attend to mulching your gardens, to save water and preserve soil nutrients over the hot Perth Summer. And, whether your trees need to be manicured frequently, or just scheduled for annual or seasonal prunings, our team will tailor our services to suit your needs and budget.

Lawn mowing Perth

Want to keep your home’s exterior looking neat and tidy with a regular mow? Or just need a one-off for a special occasion? Our team will get your lawn looking spectacular, with rapid and professional service you can trust.

Pruning Perth

Whether your garden calls for a big tidy up or just regular maintenance and trimming, Local Coast will prune your trees and shrubs for neatness, or to facilitate new growth. Our team understand how to work with various species of trees, shrubs, and bushes, and will groom them according to their growing pattern, ensuring your garden will look as good as possible for as long as possible.

Seasonal Planting – Flowers

Bring your front or back yard to life with a splash of colour! Have the Local Coast Landscaping team plant flowers to bloom throughout the Perth seasons. Whether it’s pretty Azaleas in the spring, bright Petunias for summer, Daisies in autumn or Calendulas through the winter, you can see your garden in technicolour all year.

What are you waiting for?

No matter what your landscaping needs may be, Local Coast is here to help. Get in contact with our team today and watch us transform your garden from a chore into a beautiful space you can relax in.

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